H & T Engineers driven by the needs of the pulp & paper industry, our customer focused technical service department, provides the most effective auto guide for wire, felt and fabric along with tail threading solutions even in the most challenging of paper making conditions. Well known and widely used throughout the India's paper and board mills, we pride ourselves on customer service and personal contact, developing long term relationships.

By delivering cost effective solutions H & T Engineers are more responsive to the changing needs of today's paper and board makers. With our full range of carrier ropes, mounting hardware, tensioners and tensioner controls, combined with full engineering and technical assistance services, for wire, felt and fabric paper machines.

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Welcome to HT Engineers
We make Auto guides, Rope Carriers, Starch Spray, Shower system for wide range of application and Industrial need. All our products are cost effective and reasonably priced.
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H & T Engineers, Saharanpur offers Auto guide,Pneumatic Guides, Rope Carrier System, Starch Spray and Felt Cleaning, Nozzles, Showers, Proportional Bellows Auto Guide For Wire Felts & Dryer Screen with Palm for universal mountings for Paper and Board Mills. Beside that we offers Rope Carrier or Paper Threading System for Dryers, M.G.Yankee, Coaters Pope Reels, Rope Carrier System with Horizontal and Vertical Strecher Single rope configuration with Pneumatic Loaded System.Starch Spray Systems for Wire and Multilayer Machines & Precision Machinery for Paper and Boards machine to improve the strength property of waste paper based paper and board. We are pioneers in the field of High Pressure Felt and wire cleaning nozzle for Pulp & Paper mills Stationary Oscillating showers. Foam killing,flooding showers.