A definite advantage for every paper mill, H & T Proportional bellows auto guide avoids damage to wire or felt caused by their cross-directional movements, over running or pre-mature creasing and the resultant loss of production.

H & T Proportional bellows operated auto guide is the most convenient, reliable and economical device using mill's normal air supply for its auto operation.



The Guide is a rugged construction, low cost universal mounting type AUTO GUIDE SYSTEM. It operates with the help of a palm assembly serving as a tracer unit to detect any undesirable cross-directional movement of felt or wire and to generate proportional air signals of the desired intensity due to the unique design of the palm assembly. These signals are then instantly and accurately conveyed to the guide roll actuating bellows through air distributor. These bellows are connected to the guide roll which is supported by bearings and T bar. These bellows move to restore normal movement of felt or wire.


VR - Volume Control Valve
R -  Air Regulator
F -  Air Filter
SV - Shut off valve
DV - Drain Valve
W  - Wire/felt/screen
P  - Palm




Upto 3000 mm wide


From 3000 to 3800 mm


Over 3800 mm wide upto 4500 mm


Material of Construction

Main Body

Mild Steel

Guide Roll bearing housing bracket

Cast Steel

T Bar

S.S. -304

Tracer unit ( Palm Assembly )

Body in Aluminium

Internal Assembly

Bronze and S.S.-316

Palm Plate

S.S.-304 with ceremic tile/S.S Roller


S.S.-304 with bearings



Stand for Palm



  • Easy installation and zero maintenance
  • Efficient and prompt after-sale service by competent engineers/technicians
  • Universal mounting type guide
  • Proportional and accurate response
  • Low air consumption


    Please go through the following instructions carefully before commissioning the H & T Auto Guide

  • Install the auto guide maintaining the wrap angle as given below.
  • All airline connections should be connected as per drawing above.
  • Before starting the guide, close SHUT OFF VALVE (SV) in main airline completely and open the DRAIN VALVE (DV) to flush all air impurities, condensed moisture etc. Thereafter it may be closed.
  • Open the drain valve of FILTER (F) and then open the SHUT OFF VALVE (SV). The filter drain valve should be closed after some time.
  • Both valves of VOLUME REGULATOR (VR) should be shut by rotating their screw knobs (A & B).
  • Open the AIR PRESSURE REGULATOR VALVE (R) to set the air pressure 1.5-2 Kg/cm2.

    By gradually adjusting the screw A & B of Brass Distributor Block (Volume Regulator) the palm should be brought to extreme position C1 or C2 and this extreme position of palm should also bring the guide roll to its extreme position. Please adjust the regulating screw A & B to bring the palm as well as the guide to the desired extreme position.
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