Our Quality Policy begins with the customer as a focal point by understanding the customer’s requirements, designing optimal solutions to meet those requirements, building systems and processes in place to ensure quality at every stage, and achieving our commitments on delivery and service before and after sales.

It is our endeavor to create a system of Total Quality where continuous improvement of our people, our processes and our products become a way of life.


Our customers have benefited as a result of fewer defects, reduction in process time and improved delivery capabilities. We provided value-additions through improvement in the performance of the systems that have been outsourced, a reduction in the problems and failures, and improved stability. This has resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business . Implementing the processes has trained our organization and people to be methodical and process-driven. We have introduced and improved upon best-of-breed industry practices and standards and thereby improved our delivery capability. We focus on quality has led to lower costs and improved efficiency within the organization.

Human Resource Policy:

HT Engineers recognise that its people are the primary source of its competitiveness.

We are committed to equal employment opportunities for attracting the best available talent and ensuring a cosmopolitan workforce.

We will pursue management practices designed to enrich the quality of life of its employees, develop their potential and maximise their productivity.
Our aim is at ensuring transparency, fairness and equity in all its dealings with its employees.

We will strive continuously to foster a climate of openness, mutual trust and teamwork.

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H & T Engineers, Saharanpur offers Auto guide,Pneumatic Guides, Rope Carrier System, Starch Spray and Felt Cleaning, Nozzles, Showers, Proportional Bellows Auto Guide For Wire Felts & Dryer Screen with Palm for universal mountings for Paper and Board Mills. Beside that we offers Rope Carrier or Paper Threading System for Dryers, M.G.Yankee, Coaters Pope Reels, Rope Carrier System with Horizontal and Vertical Strecher Single rope configuration with Pneumatic Loaded System.Starch Spray Systems for Wire and Multilayer Machines & Precision Machinery for Paper and Boards machine to improve the strength property of waste paper based paper and board. We are pioneers in the field of High Pressure Felt and wire cleaning nozzle for Pulp & Paper mills Stationary Oscillating showers. Foam killing,flooding showers.