Within the pre dryer section the sheet has high moisture content. This means a high demand for the Paper Carrier Rope because the threading process is very difficult with moisture paper tails.

Dryer Section

    In these sections the rope has to withstand high temperatures in very long rope runs. Selected pre materials, continuous improvements in the production process and the well-tried single yarn impregnation grants highest steadiness and reliability plus minimum elongation.

Size Press

    Because of the chemicals used here this section is very demanding for the rope. A multitude of negative influences like wetness and chemicals leads to short rope lifetime which can cause expensive machine shut downs.

Coater Rope

    Similar to the size press the coater section is very demanding for the rope. Aggressive chemicals and extreme heat (e.g. infrared dryer) in very long rope runs lead to a maximum stress on the ropes.

Callender Rell

    The calender and the reel normally have very short rope runs and sometimes are single rope double wrapped. In this section the sheet is very dry which regularly causes threading problems. Very often speed differences between ropes and rope run occur which causes threading problems

Tools Required for ropes

Splicing Needle

    The Teufelberger splicing needle is made for quick and effective splicing of our rope. The Teflon-coated surface slides easily through the rope. The wire basket of the needle enables you to connect the rope end with the splicing needle perfectly.
    For rope types 13 and larger the splice needle adapter is recommended by us.


    Specialised Paper Carrier Rope shears cut effortlessly and precisely - especially for tapering the rope ends in the splice area. The safety lock prevents from accidental injuries.

Tensioning and fixing device

    This device enables an optimum prestretching of the rope ends during the splicing procedure and therefore the loss of stretching way can be eliminated.

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