Auto Guiding Systems

Maintaining a straight fabric run with minimum fabric oscillation means to:

  • Avoid fabric run off
  • Minimize fabric edge wear
  • Reach maximum fabric life
  • Reduce sheet breaks
  • Optimize paper productivity

Felt- & Wire-Guides are designed to keep the felt fabric running properly in the center of the roll over which it travels even at higher speed. Pivoting one end of the guide roll in the proper direction corrects the fabric run. This guiding movement is based upon the principle that the fabric will always leave the guide roll perpendicular to its rotational axis. This dictates that the fabric will always travel towards the end of the roll it encounters first.

System advantages:

  • Simple and reliable design
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible mounting position
  • Service friendly

Design advantages:

  • Well proven, reliable design
  • Highest tracking accuracy for most demanding applications
  • Simple set-up Built for harsh environment
  • The auto guide design generation of guides for accurate guiding of wires and felts. Designed to guide the fast running fabrics.


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H & T Engineers, Saharanpur offers Auto guide,Pneumatic Guides, Rope Carrier System, Starch Spray and Felt Cleaning, Nozzles, Showers, Proportional Bellows Auto Guide For Wire Felts & Dryer Screen with Palm for universal mountings for Paper and Board Mills. Beside that we offers Rope Carrier or Paper Threading System for Dryers, M.G.Yankee, Coaters Pope Reels, Rope Carrier System with Horizontal and Vertical Strecher Single rope configuration with Pneumatic Loaded System.Starch Spray Systems for Wire and Multilayer Machines & Precision Machinery for Paper and Boards machine to improve the strength property of waste paper based paper and board. We are pioneers in the field of High Pressure Felt and wire cleaning nozzle for Pulp & Paper mills Stationary Oscillating showers. Foam killing,flooding showers.