One very commonly asked question is, “What if the dryer cylinders have no grooves for rope?”

This is very common scenario especially in old machines. However, we have a solution to it. H & T provides separate grooved rings as an answer to this situation. The grooved ring diameter is approximately the same size as cylinder diameter and can easily be mounted over the dryer cylinder face. The width of ring may vary from 50mm and above. For Mild Steel Cylinders the ring is directly welded to the face of the cylinder. For Cast Iron cylinders the ring is mounted to the face of the cylinder through bolts and mounting blocks provided with ring.

The only constraint associated with such installation is the space required between the dryer face and the machine frame should be 15mm greater than the grooved ring width recommended.

 Fabricated Dryer Rope Sheaves

  • Proven groove design in 2 or 3 rope profile, insures good rope grip for better tail carrying.
  • Custom designed for dryer cylinders and reel drums in sizes from 36″ to 60″ diameter.
  • Can be directly welded to Mild Steel Cylinders or bolted to Cast Iron Cylinders.


 We supply combination of Brackets, Shafts and Forks for pulley adjustment and proper rope alignment that ensures long rope life.

The material of construction is mild steel however can be changed to stainless steel for wet sections like coaters, size press and wet press on request.


For Mounting Pulley and gives freedom to rotate pulley by 360° degrees and allow for pulley centre adjustment


 For Mounting Pulley in any direction.


For Pulley adjustment and giving 360° rotation of Pulleys


All parts are supplied with backing tapped plates that can be easily grouted into concrete or welded over steel frame members for easy mounting and removal of rope carrier parts.


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