Rope Drive is normally taken through Dryer Cylinders but in few cases the rope drive is used to drive a set of ropes independent of the machine rolls or Dryer Cylinders:

  • Normally used in Coater, Size press and Pope reel sections however can also be used for Dryer Sections after installing Idler Pulleys over Dryer Cylinders.
  • Suitable for one, two and three ropes.
  • Requires a separate motor, gearbox and variable frequency drive.
  • A drive wheel that allows double rope wrap angle eliminates rope slippage.
  • Rolls are equipped with free wheeling sheaves.
  • Ropes are fully operated only during threading operation.
  • To extend rope life.
  • Synchronized with machine speed.

The rope system can be shut down when not in use. Extends life of the equipment and ropes. Ropes are not continuously running through contaminated process areas. The drive system is custom designed to meet the customer’s needs and to compatible with the mills existing drive controls.

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