Welcome to HT Engineers We make Auto guides, Rope Carriers, Starch Spray, Shower system for wide range of application and Industrial need. All our products are cost effective and reasonably priced.

For nearly two decades, H & T has been designing and producing systems to enhance the productivity of your paper machine.

The proven designs in combination with quality and tailor made components guarantees operating safety while ensuring the equipments are easy to maintain. But we supply you with far more than just individual products. We give you individual solutions that are developed to meet your demands. After all the point is to maximize the productivity of your paper machine through our tensioning, guiding, cleaning and threading systems that operate safely and reliably to increase your profits at the very same time. At the end of the day your results are the bottom line where we measure our success. 

We at H & T Engineers are serving paper making industry for more than two decades now. Starting very humbly with nozzles and stationery showers way back in eighties, we are now preferred suppliers of a number of precision instruments used in paper making. Anyone even remotely associated with paper making would gladly vouch that H & T machines are as rugged, reliable and efficient as any machine from internationally acclaimed supplier can be. However, H & T machines differ on two counts – they cost you less. Secondly, they are backed by efficient after-sales-service.

H & T Engineers have as their regular clients the most honored names in paper making in the country. This success has been possible due to the fact that very often, we supply custom designed products to our clients. Since no two units are identical in terms of paper plant size, location, positioning, gadgets/systems in use, problems being faced etc., we design a unique solution to answer each of the problem.

We do not sell any machine unless we are 100% sure of its successful operation and even after installing our machines, we keep a constant watch over their functioning for as long as necessary. We do not know of a paper mill who has ever needed to go to an alternative supplier once it got an H & T product. Some people call it brand loyalty, we call it lifelong relationship.